Open Source Elections

posted: 05-16-2007

The Open Source Club at The Ohio State University (OSSOSU) will be holding officer elections to represent us for the next (07-08) school year. The eligibility requirements for being an officer are that you are a student at Ohio State, and that you are a member of the club (have attended at least one meeting). Graduate and undergraduates are both equals in this matter.

Open Positions: Benevolent Dictator, Number Two, and Treasurer

Office Holders for school year 2006-2007 are:

  • Benevolent Dictator: Alex Lingo
  • Number Two: Tom Hess
  • Treasurer: Peter Dietz

Benevolent Dictator will be known as President to the university must attend training meetings, as well as the treasurer. Number Two just has to look pretty.

P.S. I rearranged the office.

EDIT: October 2007

Elections have happened and the 2007-2008 officers are:

  • Benevolent Dictator: Peter Dietz
  • Number Two: Alex Lingo
  • Treasurer: Razvan Lupusoru
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