Forums are back online!

posted: 01-24-2008

After months of returning error messages to users who went to, the Open Source Club forums are back online. This past summer, p0rn and pharmaceutical spammers had a field day, then our website got taken offline and we had to disable forums and comments. We have cleaned up some lingering spam comments, re-enabled the forum, and added a captcha requirement in order for anyone to log in, as well as a few other random things. Spamming in the forums will absolutely not be tolerated. If you find any spam on this site, please report it here and a moderator will delete it and block/delete the offending user’s account.

For the time being, only .edu e-mail addresses may register but if you have a current account with another address that you already registered then it should still be active. If you do not have a .edu address and would like access to the forum, you can contact me or another administrator telling us your e-mail address before you try to create the account so we can authorize it. Please only do this if you do not have a .edu address. Otherwise, we ask that you use your school address for registering. We use this to keep track of users (e.g. someone with a is less likely to be a spammer than or and to restrict spammers from creating accounts just to hose the page with inappropriate content.