Why Open Source at Microsoft?

posted: 04-15-2016

Thursday, 2016/04/21 at 7:00PM in Caldwell Labs 120

What started as a war is turning to a love affair. Over the last two decades, Microsoft has moved from a fierce opponent of the penguin to recently being welcomed by Ubuntu, Red Hat and others. Come for an interactive discussion of Microsoft’s journey with Open Source and see some demos of the new Bash on Windows and .Net Core.

Brian Sherwin is a Sr. Technical Evangelist with Microsoft from Columbus, Ohio. He has been a consultant and trainer for over 17 years. One of his core passions is helping companies make decisions based on value and not a particular technology. When he’s not trying to figure out some new technology, he spends time reading, Scouting, and drinking enough coffee to keep up with his five kids.

Laptops are encouraged, and as always there will be pizza.