Crypto War II

posted: 03-28-2017

Join us Thursday March 30th, at 19:00 in Dreese Labs 264 for a talk with Matt Curtin, former OSC advisor and founder of Interhack, a computer expert firm with a history of cybersecurity expertise in and out of the courtroom. Matt Curtin will discuss the effect of government policy on infrastructure.

Government policy to address the real threat to our critical infrastructure is almost exactly wrong. Both Democratic and Republican administrations have absurdly taken the position that rather than hardening targets, vulnerabilities should be left open and weaponized. Meanwhile government agents give misleading or simply incorrect testimony before Congress, undermining confidence in both the executive branch and the legislature meant to provide oversight to critical functions.

Today’s debate over encryption and cyber defenses is just as it was twenty years ago. We will examine the Crypto War from that era and consider how best to protect computer systems and the infrastructure that relies on them.

-Matt Curtin

As always there will be pizza and laptops are encouraged.

P.S. Don’t forget that presidential and auxillary officer positions are up for election this Thursday also