descriptionPrevent Flash content from automatically loading. This protects users' privacy, since it prevents Flash cookies from getting inserted into their browser simply by visiting your web page.
ownerBrian Swaney
last changeTue, 19 Apr 2011 22:17:23 +0000 (18:17 -0400)
2011-04-19 Brian SwaneyRemoved dependency on CURL. Synch with master
2011-03-15 Brian SwaneyRemoved parse_url and old lines for stability.
2011-03-12 Brian SwaneyFixed install messages from previous commits
2011-03-12 Brian SwaneyAdded check to ensure CURL is running at install
2011-03-12 Brian SwaneyAdded dialog on installation for user-friendliness
2011-03-11 Brian SwaneyPrepend links with protocol for broken parse_url
2011-03-05 Brian SwaneyForgot content from ytparams was already escaped.
2011-03-04 Brian SwaneyChanged jQuery to use Drupal's API.
2011-03-04 Brian SwaneySanitize user input from MyTube admin menu.
2011-02-20 Brian SwaneyLast commit didn't update files. Sorry.
2011-02-20 Brian SwaneyDrupal coding standards met, partial rewrite.
2010-12-08 Brian SwaneyConsolidated several redundant thumbnail-fetching metho...
2010-12-07 Brian SwaneyAdded autoplay support for (thumbnails...
2010-12-07 Brian SwaneyAdded partial support for
2010-12-07 Brian SwaneyReplaced call to non-existant method with drupal_set_me...
2010-10-21 Brian SwaneyChanged package name to allow for better categorization...
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