Wiki Configuration

Software is installed at:

Name this wiki:
Table Prefix:
The names of the tables in your database used for the wiki will start with this prefix. "mw_" is usually a good choice.
Wiki Root Page Name:
This is the name of the page that will be shown when no page name is specified in the url.
Wiki Root Page URI:
This is the full URI of the root wiki page (no ending slash):
Wiki Root Page URI on SSL:
This is the full URI of the root wiki page when accessed from via secure SSL connection (no ending slash):
Wiki Login Page Name:
This optional page contains a special form that will allow editors to log in.
URL Output Style:
Enable {{Include:filename}} Directive:
Allows PHP files to be included into wiki pages.

Prevents all file inclusion.
Automatic Minor Edit: Within minutes of previous edit.
Retain History: Through major revisions.
Email Output Style:
Directory for uploaded Wiki images:
The full directory in which uploaded images should be stored.
URI for Wiki image directory:
The full URI to the directory specified above.
Unknown Link Image URI:
The full URI to an image that means "The page to which this link points does not exist."
User Registration:
Anyone can edit any page.

Users must log in to MicroWiki's integrated user system to edit pages.

Users must log in to WordPress to edit pages.
MySQL Server Host:
The MySQL server that hosts the database, usually "localhost".
MySQL Database:
The name of the MySQL database on the server.
MySQL User:
A user name that has access to the specified MySQL database.
MySQL Password:
The passowrd for the specified user.
New User Creation:
Configuration Lock:
Turning on this lock prevents this config from ever appearing or being editable from within the wiki! To unlock the config page, you must either delete the config file or edit the config file in its native format.
Do not enable the lock until you have finalized your config settings!