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Club History

Open Source Club History

  • pre-1999 - We were unofficial for a while, and known as the OSU-CIS Hacker Club. Our first meeting was in Matt Curtin's office and he told us some funny stories. Later on, we would learn that he was practicing for teaching lisp.
  • 1999.11.4 - Announcement of new club. Complete with misspelling of Isaac's name which would persist for quite some time.
  • 1999.11.17 - First "official" meeting
  • 2000.02.15 - MS Releases win 2k, open source club held an open source awareness day. Michael Benedict wrote some sweet code for signing up to man the booth.
  • 2000.03.20 - Open source club constitution "signed". The university more or less told us that we had to be an official club in order to get room reservations, and to be a club, we had to have a constitution. Since just about anything would do, we wrote a quick and dirty constitution that would let us get stuff done.
  • 2001.13.13 - Our first release of the Resolve C++ CD image for Linux. Nick Hurley was maintaining it before that? This caused some controvercy because it is not "Free Software" in the GNU sense, some of it being either binary or stubbed out (I don't remember which) because the C++ files would be the solutions to lab assignments.
  • 2002.03.05 - The club issues a Petition Against Official Endorsement of BitKeeper by Linux Maintainers. We get lots of nasty email this week.
  • 2002.05.03 - Here's a picture from a hackathon. This isn't our first hackathon, though. According to the old website it is at Dan Walton's apartment.
  • October 2003 - The Open Source Club helps host the first ever Ohio LinuxFest, taking place first at Dreese Labs but then in future years downtown
  • Summer 2007 - Our website, hosted by the Engineering Council, was taken down when one of the clubs' websites was haxored, along with all the other sites on their server. It was a little over a year before we were back online.
  • Late 2009 - Matt Meinwald and Alek Rollyson put together a Xen server on the CSE network, which among other things hosts our mail server and website.
  • Late 2013 - Chris Wallace, Dr. Arnab Nandi, and Dr. Meris Mandernach put together the first OSU branded hackathon, with over 100 participants and $5,000 in prizes. The event gets in the Dispatch.

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