Operator: The Well Rounded Hacker

04 April 2019

At: Caldwell 120

The need for understanding complex technologies has never been greater—and never more poorly understood. Hiring managers often look for buzzphrase-compliant resumes that enumerate technologies and techniques. Technology users and integrators routinely use their tools to solve the wrong problems, leaving themselves bewildered by their surroundings. In a world where everyone is connected, this creates systemic vulnerability.

The computer expert firm Interhack was formed as a research group in 1997 and incorporated in 2000, helping people to stay in control of the technology, managing function, risk, and expense, as well as understanding the implications of technology and data in legal proceedings. Interhack founder and first Open Source Club faculty advisor C. Matthew Curtin will present the needs in the fields of cybersecurity, privacy, and forensic data analysis, why hackers—the most dedicated coders of all—are needed, and how hackers can start and manage their own careers to ensure that they do things that matter.

Interhack is hiring entry-level associates and will be ready to discuss life at the firm, channeling drive, curiosity, and expertise to use and to build the tools needed to answer questions that have a real impact on the lives of people living in a world run by computer technology.

As always, laptops are encouraged and pizza will be provided.