Thursday, November 08, 2018


Connecting your Android to your Linux Desktop


  • Shared Clipboard
  • Shared files without wires on Wi-Fi
    • Unless you’re smart and have device separation on your network
  • Send SMS to phone
  • Find your phone by ringing it from your PC
  • Start SFTP and open a file browser
  • End-to-end TLS encryption


  • Has gnome-shell as a dependency
  • synchronize notifications between your Gnome Shell desktop and Android device. you can choose to only send or receive notifications, or both
  • keep the desktop clipboard and Android device clipboard in sync
  • receive notifications for phone calls and SMS messages
  • send SMS messages from your desktop, with contact auto-completion
  • send/receive files or links from a Gnome Shell desktop to an Android device and vice-versa
  • use your Android device to control a MPRIS v2-capable media player running on your Gnome Shell desktop
  • browse your Android device filesystem from your desktop wirelessly
  • display the Android device battery level and charging state on your Gnome Shell desktop
  • use an Android device to control the mouse and send keyboard events to your desktop
  • easily locate your Android device
  • define local commands that can be executed by remote devices

Version 15 was just released

OK, but which one works on Cinnamon?