Thursday, November 29, 2018

Necuno Mobile: An open phone with Plasma Mobile

After getting shunned by the Librem community, KDE collaborates with Necuno Solutions to offer Plasma Mobile.

Necuno Solutions is working with open source mobile communities and intends to make their hardware a welcoming platform for Free and open source operating systems in the mobile ecosystem.

KDE has reached very far in the mobile ecosystem by leveraging the power of the community. We feel that KDE is in a good position to challenge the duopoly in the future. This will be a new innovative approach to combine truly open source hardware with a truly open source operating system”

–Tanja Drca, Chief Communications Officer at Necuno Solutions

It is important that developers within the mobile ecosystem are able to work with open devices which are easy to modify and tweak, and not locked by vendors to a particular operating system. Necuno Solutions is working on one such device and will ultimately help improve Plasma Mobile due to its open nature.”

–Bhushan Shah, one of the main developers working on Plasma mobile